Friday, May 30, 2008

Smooth Move Jep!

My friend Jep was at the river with some friends this Memorial Day and while they were at the sandbar he got the genius idea to dive off the back of the boat. Well, right when he was about to dive he remembered he had his expensive sunglasses on and went to take them off right when he dove. That caused him to pretty much go head first to the shallow rock bottom river bottom below. He messed his face up pretty bad and has a very sore neck.

Of course he is so hard headed about getting x-rays done but lets pray there is nothing seriously wrong with his neck and spine. Im not worried about his face because it is actually an improvement from before!

I love you bro!

Holy Double Knockout Batman!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Check this site out...

My friend has a site that sells patio furniture and they have lots of nice stuff.... Go check it out and see what the got if your interested....

Pictures from the beach

Shelley and Marlee went to the beach for a friends wedding with her family and they had a great time. Marlee really enjoyed the beach and they had a good time. I love the picture of Marlee with her sunglasses and hat. I am so blessed to have 2 beautiful girls in my life and I thank God for them everyday. I dont know what my ugly butt did to deserve those 2 precious girls......

Marlee is starting to become so grown up... She sings Jesus loves me and im predicting she wins American Idol season 23!!

Sorry I have been absent so long but I will be posting lots more so please keep coming back....

God Bless!!