Sunday, December 30, 2007


Congrats go out to the Bulldogs and Coach Croom! You have made every MSU fan proud! 3 years ago, when Croom was hired, he told us that he would make this program a winner again and he has done it!
He caught alot of heat for kicking some players off the team and he made some decisions that alot of fans were not real supportive of but he warned us that he was gonna create a team of young men with discipline and character! He did that and he showed us that you can win without the "5 Star stud athletes"! He has won with alot of kids who were passed on by the big schools. He won with guys who have character and discipline and guys who are team players and not "me" players!!
I look forward to 2008 and a run for the SEC title with Coach Croom! I personally want to say thanks to you coach and thanks to the team for making the last weekend of 2007 an exciting one!
Happy New Year!
GO DAWGS!!!!!!
Hail dear ol State! Fight for that victory today!
Hit that line and tote the ball!
Cross the goal before you fall!
And we'll yell, yell, yell!
For dear of State we'll yell like H-E-L-L!
Fight for Mississippi State!
Win the game today!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fantasy Football Championship Game

For the first time in about 6 years, I have actually made it to the finals and I will be playing, as the #1 seed, for the championship vs. the #6 seed. It sounds like I should win right? As Lee Corso would say.....Not so fast my friend! Most of my starters will not be playing because their teams have clinched playoff berths and will be resting. Now, I have to scour the waiver wires and hope that my pickups will score enough for me to win! What a horrible way to try and win a title! Because I drafted and selected the star players for the best teams, I will now be trying to win a title with this lineup:

QB- Vince Young
RB - Dominic Rhodes
RB - Steven Jackson
RB/WR - Najeh Davenport
WR - Marty Booker
WR - Torry Holt

I dont like my chances!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to All!

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Dog ate it??

Jonathan Papelbon, the stud colser for the World Champion Boston Red sox, has informed us that his dog ate the world series ball at his home. He claims his bulldog got on the counter and got the ball and went to knawing on it.

Cmon Paps! You couldn't come up with anything better than that??

Your Fired??

RR has let go all nine of the Michigan assistant coaches under the previous regime. Now this is good news in a way and bad news in a way. It is good to have Mike DeBORED gone! But I have to say I am a little sad to see Fred Jackson, Scott Loefller and Erik Campbell leave. :( They were all good assistants and fine MICHIGAN MEN! I only hope that RR can see that these guys are needed and wanted at the University of Michigan. We could very well lose some big time recruits who have grown close to these coaches.

I see no need in absolutly cleaning house. Yes, DeBORED needed to go but these 3 needed to be retained.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rich Rodriguez is a Michigan Man!

WOW! Where do I begin? I have been angry about our coaching search and I have been calling for Bill Martin's head on a platter. Well Mr. Martin, I apologize! You went out a signed on of the best coaches in the country! Rich Rod is known for being the innovator of the spread offense. Yes, the same spread offense that the Wolverines have been unable to stop for years. The same spread offense that UM fans have been wanting for the last few years. I am so excited and pumped about this hire!
The only thing left to do is the the commitment of Terrelle Pryor and let him become our Vince Young!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Les to Michigan?

Some early reports out of AA this morning point to the fact that Michigan AD, Bill Martin, is working back channel negotiations with Les Miles and his agent. The reports state that the contract would reportedly by around $2.5 Mil.

Please, please, please................

Friday, December 7, 2007


Are you kidding me?? Bill Martin, the AD at Michigan, is out sailing, like he is a member of Camelot with JFK, during the most important time in the coaching search for OUR football coach! This guy is a MORON! Now take away all the politics involved with interviewing and signing a coach. It is not that complicated. Nebraska seemed to handle it fine and they didnt even have an AD!! Tom Osbourne (I thought he was dead. Isn't this guy like 100 years old?) was the interim AD because Steve Pederson went to Pittsburgh to become their new atheltic director.

How hard is it? Let's see............


Les Miles: Hello?

Bill Martin: Les?

LM: Yes?

BM: Hi! Bill Martin here.

LM: Hey Bill! How are you?

BM: Oh I'm doing great! I'm out sailing right now and just thought I would call and see if you were interested in becoming the next head coach at The University of Michigan?

LM: Why of course! I'm a Michigan Man and I would love to have the chance to coach at my alma mater! I mean I met my wife in Ann Arbor, had my first child in Ann Arbor and played college football for BO in Ann Arbor!

BM: What would it take to get you here??

LM: Well I would come if you could give me 3 million a year and allow me to bring my own offensive coordinator. I mean I like Mike DeBord, but he is a MORON!

BM: Sounds good! I will run it past Mary Sue Coleman and Lloyd but don't worry Les, we want you in the Maize and Blue!

LM: Great! I'm excited and ready to get to work! My wife will be so happy to come back home! Where do I sign?

How hard was that? I honestly think that I could have gotten this deal done weeks ago! Plain and Simple. We want Les! Les wants us! (whether he says it publicly or not) And as Larry "The Cable Guy" would say......Git Er Done!!


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Go Blue! Go Sox! Go Dogs!