Friday, February 29, 2008

I got to meet Paps!

Well last night I got to meet my favorite player in MLB, Jonathan Papelbon. I was able to get 3 autographs and shake his hand. I didnt speak to him much because I froze up. There were alot of people in line and Bo and I were at the very front so we didnt want to hold up the line. There were about 100 people who could not get autographs because they had to get the program started so Paps could get back on the plane and head to Fort Myers, Fl for spring training with the Red Sox!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Congrats to the Trojans!

What an exciting ballgame last night between New Hope and Jackson Lanier. New Hope lead throughout most of the game. With about 16 seconds left, NH hit 1 of 2 free throws to take a 2 point lead 79-77. Lanier came down and missed its first shot but got the rebound and tied the game with 8 seconds left. NH had no timeouts and inbounded the ball to Dale Hughes who got trapped but somehow found a wide open Rashanti Harris who leaped from about 2 feet inside the free throw line and threw down a thunderous dunk with no time left!!! NH won 81-79 over the 2 time defending state champs and went on to face Oxford on the road Thursday night!

Congrats Trojans and Coach Byrd! You guys deserve it and we wish you the best of luck Thursday!
Check out the video on YouTube!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Win for Dawgs at "The Hump"!

Yesterday's game was and up and down game.
We came out on fire and Rhodes was absolutly on
fire. We jumped out to a double digit halftime lead and we were well on our way to blowing the Hogs out. But to the Hog's credit they came out and went on a 16-4 run and took the lead on us. But this year's team has gelled together nicley during the SEC season and they weathered the storm. Jamont Gordon didn't have his best shooting day but he sealed the win with 7-9 free throws and 2 BIG BLOCKS of Beverly and former bulldog Gary "Turnover" Ervin at the end of the game. Jamont was hilarious at the end of the game also. Patrick Beverley and Gordon were talking smack the whold game and Jamont got the last laughs. Beverley shot a horrible free throw on a one & one chance at the line and Gordon gave it to him hard. He went down and sank his first free throw and looked at Beverley and told him "That's how its done!" and gave him a big smile. He then proceeded to block Beverley's 3 point attempt into the 3rd row.

Big win Dawgs! Now let's go beat those crappy Rebels at the Tad Pad!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Holy Gut Beckett!

This is a photo of Josh Beckett's gut during spring training.... What in the world did he do during the offseason? Did he eat all the Chowda in Beantown? I hope this doesn't affect his performance on the bump at Fenway because I expect similar numbers to his season last year. He should have won the Cy Young over CC Sabathia last year. He got screwed. Let's hope Beckett can get on the "Subway" diet with Jared and lose that gut!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Big game at "The Hump" tommorrow!

At 3:00 tommorrow, Mississippi State squares off against Arkansas to try and gain a 2 game advantage in the SEC Western Division. The crowd will be electric and I look forward to one heck of a ballgame. I think we will avenge our butt whooping in Fayetteville just a few weeks ago. That game was not MSU basketball and an average 3 point shooting team in Arkansas shot the lights out from behind the arc. I don't believe that will happen tommorrow! We play well at home and I think we will come out victorious.
I look for Jarvis "SWAT" Vanardo to control the game down low on the defensive end and look for Jamont and Charles Rhodes to control the game on the offensive end.
My prediction? I will go with MSU 74 Arkansas 67. Jamont will be the player of the game with 19 points, 7 boards, 9 assists!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring Training Arrives.....

2008 baseball is upon us and the DEFENDING (Man it feels good to say that) World Series champs have arrived. It is time for the pitchers and catchers to report and all looks good on the Red Sox front. Of course, Schill is not gonna be doing anything in spring training, which sucks, but he will be ok I believe.

My only wish is that we would be looking at Johan in the Sox uniform but not at the expense of Jacoby! I guess now I will go ahead and give my prediction for this years playoffs and World Champs, so here goes:

National League:

East - Mets

Central - Cubs

West - Dodgers

Wild Card - Braves


American League

East - Red Sox

Central - Indians

West - Mariners

Wild Card - Yankees


World Series = Red Sox vs. Mets and Sox win in 7! *Payback from the 86 series!

Happy Valentines Day to All!

Happy Valentines to everyone! Marlee Grace enjoyed her Valentine. She got a new outfit which she is wearing in the picture and also some new pajamas and her favorite was the Valentine's M&M's! She loves those M&M's! Anyways....Hope everyone had a good one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Marlee Grace is growing up so fast.....

Just the other day we were playing in the house and she looked up at me and said, "Mon daddy...". And I thought did she just tell me to come on??? Then she grabbed my hand and took me to the backdoor and said, "I wan go outsie daddy." It was so funny. So we went outside and played on the swing and ran around with Chipper (Our yellow lab).

She is getting so big and just amazes Shelley and I everyday. She tells Shelley, "I wan tak a bath momma." Or "I want bite." Or "I want nack (snack)"

And she loves to dance and sing. Anytime music comes on she breaks it down and dances and sings. I have some videos on youtube of her dancing and posted on on this blog last week.

I hope all is well with your families and God Bless!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Schilling Gone?

Yesterday I got an email on my phone that Curt Schilling may miss the 2008 season with a torn shoulder! What a bummer! I like our rotation with Beckett, Dice K, Schill, Lester and Wakefield. I really wish we could have gotten Johan now, but not at the expense of Jacoby "Taco" Ellsbury.

No doubt this will be a blow to our rotation, but as 'ol Schill' has shown us before (i.e. the 2004 ALCS vs the Yanks) he can battle through some injuries and adversity.

Best wishes Curt!


How great is this video?

We are getting ready for her audition for American Idol 20!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday!

Welcome to Super Bowl 42! It's time to break out the hot wings, coacktail weenies and cold drinks. It's time to get ready to watch over 50 million dollars worth of Super Bowl commercials that I can't stand and it's time to watch the Patriots absolutly destroy the Giants and make history by being the first team to go 19-0 in a season! I'm pulling for the Patriots for several reasons. Like my brother said on his blog,, I'm rooting for the Pats because of:
1.) Tom Brady - He is a Michigan Man and he dates supermodels for a hobby!
2.) I hate any team from NY!
3.) I can't stand Eli Manning because he is overrated and living off of daddy and brother Peyton.
4.) Because the Pats are from Boston and that is where my beloved Red Sox hail!
I'm not a diehard Pats fan but I did decide to rrot for them when Brady went there. I don't live and die by the Pats like I do the Red Sox, but I really dont have an NFL team so I figured why not root for a Michigan Man?
My predition? Pats 38 Giants 20

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sorry I have been MIA lately....

I apologize for not making any posts lately. I have been busy and just havent had the free time to post. More to come soon....