Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!!

What a GREAT Christmas we had this year!! It was so much fun to play Santa again and this year I think Marlee actually understood it better and had more fun. It was the first one where she actually knew what she wanted and got from SANTA! I have a video of it and some pictures I will post below.... I had a great one too as I recieved not ONE but TWO FATHEADS! I got a "Big Papi" FATHEAD from my brother and a Boston Red Sox one from my wife. I also got a MSTATE neon logo light for my room and a cool MSU neon clock as well. I got a nice electric razor, a new slim pocket bible and some clothes. It was good for me. Shelley got some perfume she wanted and a new hair straightner as well as clothes and Bath and Body works stuff too. We had a GREAT Christmas but most of all is the greatest gift of all in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and celebrating his birth.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Haines Family Christmas today!!

Today my brother, Matt, and his family are coming over to Columbus to have our family Christmas! It should be a fun time to get the kids together and open PRESENTS! YEA!!!!!! I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Time at the Haines House!

We took some family pics in front of the tree. Sometimes Marlee wouldnt cooperate and smile but when she did it looked good. Forgive the ugly guy in the vest. I had to be in the picture.

OK Im sorry....

Ok so things have been so crazy the last few months that I totally got away from the "Blogosphere" but Im going to get back up and going as best I can now.... Alot has happened since my last blog.

1.) I started my new job at Weyerhaeuser on September 22 and really enjoy it.... I work in the Pulp Machine which is where we get the pulp prepared and finalized for the shipping. They are a good company that have good benefits... Im starting on bottom so I have to work my way up. I hope to be able to be where I want to be out there in about 5 years. The roughest part is being away from my beautiful girls and working the swingshift. I only work 14 days a month but its crazy at times. I work 7 days and 7 nights a month and during the night shifts I dont see my girls which makes me sad. And even on my days by the time I get home Im so wore out that I only have about an hour to see them before I have to hit the sack. But the days off allow me to make up for it.

2.) Shelley started her new job at Citizens National Bank. She loves it. She has better hours and gets to do some of the things she wants now. Before, at Trustmark, she didnt get off until 6 and she was always so wore out that we didnt get alot of time together. SHe loves it at Citizens and we are happy for her. By the way she did a radio commercial for them and you can hear it here. Click on the Poinsettia commercial.

3.) Marlee is now 29 months old and is the joy of our life just like all of your children are to you. She has such a fun and outgoign personality. She is counting to 15 by herself, says all her ABC's, is almost all the way potty trained and she loves her baby dolls. She has 13 in all now and she is a good mommy.. LOL!

More to come so please stay tuned... I promise I will have it updated more frequently...