Monday, March 22, 2010

Random stuff

Just thought I would take the time on this post to blog about random things so here goes.....

1.) The "ObamaCare" Heatlh Care Reform bill passed through the House last night much to the dismay of the Republicans and myself. I must say I was disgusted watching last night by the actions of both parties. They act more like little immature spoiled children than they act like educated leaders of this country. They both need to grow up and learn to talk and work together for the best of America. Im not in favor of this bill, especially the part that includes federal funding of abortion. However, I must say I have not researched this topic very much to make an educated opinion about it. And I would suggest that to everyone else too. Dont make comments about the bill just because your family or friends say so. Educate yourself and make your own opinion based upon how you feel. Time will tell how this ObamaCare works out.

2.) March Madness - WOW! Holy upsets! Cornell, St. Marys and Washington all make it to sweet 16 as double digit seeds and Northern Iowa pulled off what may be the biggest shocker of all in a start to finish beating of overall #1 seed Kansas. UNI is a 9 seed. Also, 6 seeds Tennessee and Xavier both made it to the sweet 16. This has been quite an interesting and exciting tourney so far and most brackets have been shattered at this point. I have one bracket that has 13 of the sweet 16. Yes, I picked Washington, Cornell and St. Marys all to make it. I missed out on Kansas, Georgetown and Texas A&M. It was a fun first weekend of the NCAA tournament. However, as a Miss State fan, I must say Im still disappointed that MSU didnt make it in the tourney and the selection committee passed them over for Florida, Minnesota, Utah St and a few others who all lost in the first round. But then again MSU did lose in the 2nd round to UNC on a last second buzzer beater just to push the dagger deeper into the heart of all Bulldog fans. Although I wish we would have made it to the "Big Dance", I am really glad this roller coaster, heart breaking, NCAA cheating season is over.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boo for BAD REFS & BOO to the NCAA

In case you have no idea what a lane violation is in NCAA basketball, or in case you are one of the 3 refs in Nashville this past weekend, then let me explain it to you:

1.) The FT shooter cannot cross the FT line until the ball hits the rim.
2.) Any other offensive or defensive player cannot penetrate the "arc" until the ball hits the rim.
3.) If either of these occur then the shot is whistled dead and ball rewarded to the other team.

This past weekend MSU had their hearts broken twice. First, by UK and their LUCKY and ILLEGAL and DRAMATIC shot. Give UK credit, they battled and fought and got the ball in their hands not once but twice to try and win the game. And that's just what Demarcus Cousins did. After the shot, the game was tied, UK and their players all rushed and ran onto the court celebrating. Understandably, they were excited. However, it should have been a technical foul for excessive celebration. You cannot do it in football after scoring TD and the SEC and the officials made that ABUNDANTLY CLEAR this year in the LSU v. UGA game. If you dont know then Google it. But of course UK, like Duke and many other high profile, money making programs with big names are not held to the same standards as little ol podunk hillbilly cow colleges like MSU. We dont make money for the SEC or NCAA so who cares about us right? Right? Right!

Im ashamed of the SEC and the officials after both UK games with MSU this year. MSU was one of the LEAST fouling teams in all of college basketball YET in games vs UK they were whistled for TWICE as many fouls as their average on the year! In 2 games, they were whistled for 48 fouls to UK 27!! That sounds fair and legit right? Right?

Im ashamed of the NCAA and their PATHETIC selection committee just as Bobby Knight stated the other night! These guys have no clue what they are doing! And that is coming from a college basketball LEGEND! They royally messed up the brackets this year.... They gave the OVERALL #1 seed Kansas the hardest road to the Championship while DUKE got the easiest! Many people felt DUKE may not have deserved #1 seed, I felt they deserved it. But Duke received by far the easiest route to the Final Four! HOW? Just stupid and no sense!

Im proud of Rick Stansbury for voicing his displeasure over being screwed. Im proud of those boys on that team that called a players only meeting, got their stuff together and starting playing the ball we all knew they were capable of playing. They beat UF, who got in over them for some stupid reason when both had similar resumes yet UF is one of those "high profile money makers". They beat Vandy who is a 4 seed. And they BEAT UK but had it stolen from them for the 2nd time this year. Im proud of them for playing their guts out and for Dee Bost who played almost every minute with an agonizing hip pointer.

You boys got screwed but just keep your head up. We fans are proud of you and that you showed the whole world of college basketball that a hillbilly cow college in little ol Starkville MS can be relevant on a national stage. Oh until the NCAA screws you out of it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

RIP Mike D

This day four years ago my friends and I suffered a tragic loss with the death of our friend Micheal Dowdy (better known as Mike D). He was killed in a motorcycle accident and I will not forget the moment when I got the phone call and then had to call two other friends that were very close to break the news. My best friend Jep had been napping and watching NASCAR and when I called and he wasnt quite awake yet. I didnt know what to say. I was speechless. Then I just said "He's gone. Mike D is gone." He didnt get it at first and then I said "Mike is dead!" Jep lost it. He called me a liar and was screaming and yelling. I drove to his house to get him and we went to the hospital. There must have been 100 people there. A group of around 10 of us went back to where he was and the doc asked if any of us wanted to go in and see him to say goodbye. We all declined, except Jep. He had to see it for himself. It was like he didnt believe it. I guess none of us wanted to believe it. I wasnt the closet to Mike but we hung out often and I never had a bad time with him. My favorite memory of him is when him and I were on Beale St in Memphis with our friends to see a concert. After the concert, Mike and I got seperated from the group for awhile and we had a blast just doing what we did best - act goofy.

Scott, Brodie, Jep, Chubbs, Alex and his other very close friends were very shaken but everyone came together to support one another. I know there is not a day that goes by that Scott doesnt miss his best friend and partner in crime.

There are so many good memories and stories about Mike D and his jokes and his demeanor. I could say alot of things about Micheal but the best way I can put it is he lived life to the fullest! Always smiling, always fun loving and most of all the best and most loyal friend you could ask for.

I just wanted to take a little time to blog and remember Mike D!

We love you and miss you very much my friend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mama Alice and Daddy Bert

This is a video I did of my grandparents. It has almost been a year since we lost my "Mama Alice" and it will be tough, especially for my mother and aunts. They were so close and each loved their "mama" with such a powerful and unconditional love and each had an amazing relationship with her. It has been a long tough year on all of us and especially them not being able to talk on the phone, sit and visit and talk about the many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and yes even great, great grandchildren. Those were her babies and what she loved and enjoyed most. Even in her last couple of years while she was so fragile and hurting, she never passed up a chance to hold, love and kiss on her "babies". I will blog more on her in the coming week. For now, check out the video.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More photos of My girls

Passion 2010: AWAKENING

A Video I wanted to share with you guys. What a powerful and amazing event this must be. I have never attended a Passion event but only because of age limits and schedule conflicts. I feel as if I have attended each one because I always purchase the release and the music and Louie Giglio's messages are so powerful and inspiring it makes you feel as if you are there. The 268 generation is awesome!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I apologize for the long abscence as real life got in the way the last several months. LOTS to post about so check back later today. Sorry to any of you if you have been checking and getting the same ol stuff.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well we closed on our house this past Wednesday and from the profit we payed off two bills and now have no mortgage. It was truly a blessing from God that our house sold so quick and that we are able to move into my grandmothers house, which is much nicer, and pay half what we were paying at the old house.  Also, I have been in and out of the doctors offices the past few weeks. I had a few spells of fatigue and dizziness and basically feeling worn down so I went to the doc to see what was up. They did several blood tests and also did a CT scan. The results cam back ok but they put me on a stress relieving medication. Basically, I have a blood disorder that destroys my red blood cells and stress can accelerate that process. If i lose enough red blood cells then I become very vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. In 2002, I almost dies and spent several weeks in the hospital and in ICU and on a respirator but once again God's blessings pulled me through. I feeling better now so hopefully it will be back to normal again.

Anyways, thats about it in our lives and will post more about the move later! GOD BLESS!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're Moving!

Well Shelley and I put our house up for sale early in January and within 5 days we had an offer on it! We made a counter offer and she accepted! We are really excited and feel like God really blessed us! We will be moving into my grandmother's house in East Columbus where she and my grandfather lived for many many years! It is a nice house with more room than what we have now and so many memories in it that we hope to cherish for many more years to come! We will be able to pay off most of our debt from the sale of our old house and start a new adventure in the lofe of our family! We have to move quickly and we will be closing in just a few weeks so we have a lot to do in a short period of time! I will post picutres as soon as I can! Hope all is well and God Bless You!