Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A class act goes out on top!

In my opinion, Lloyd Carr went out the way he should have gone out; A WINNER!

He was a winner on and off the field. He caught alot of heat for being conservative. (Starting with me) He was told the game had passed him by and he was too old. But let's just review a few of his accomplishments for one second:

1.) He coached Michigan to a 122-40 overall record.

2.) He coached Michigan to their first national title in over 50 years!

3.) He coached a team that sent over 100 players to the NFL.

4.) He coached a team that ran a clean program and was never placed on probation or investigated by the NCAA.

Lloyd Carr's players will be the first to tell you that he is like their second father. He instilled class, discipline and a love for Michigan football to each and every one of his players!

Here's to you Coach Carr! Thanks for ringing in 2008 on a great note for all of us "MICHIGAN MEN"!

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