Friday, December 7, 2007


Are you kidding me?? Bill Martin, the AD at Michigan, is out sailing, like he is a member of Camelot with JFK, during the most important time in the coaching search for OUR football coach! This guy is a MORON! Now take away all the politics involved with interviewing and signing a coach. It is not that complicated. Nebraska seemed to handle it fine and they didnt even have an AD!! Tom Osbourne (I thought he was dead. Isn't this guy like 100 years old?) was the interim AD because Steve Pederson went to Pittsburgh to become their new atheltic director.

How hard is it? Let's see............


Les Miles: Hello?

Bill Martin: Les?

LM: Yes?

BM: Hi! Bill Martin here.

LM: Hey Bill! How are you?

BM: Oh I'm doing great! I'm out sailing right now and just thought I would call and see if you were interested in becoming the next head coach at The University of Michigan?

LM: Why of course! I'm a Michigan Man and I would love to have the chance to coach at my alma mater! I mean I met my wife in Ann Arbor, had my first child in Ann Arbor and played college football for BO in Ann Arbor!

BM: What would it take to get you here??

LM: Well I would come if you could give me 3 million a year and allow me to bring my own offensive coordinator. I mean I like Mike DeBord, but he is a MORON!

BM: Sounds good! I will run it past Mary Sue Coleman and Lloyd but don't worry Les, we want you in the Maize and Blue!

LM: Great! I'm excited and ready to get to work! My wife will be so happy to come back home! Where do I sign?

How hard was that? I honestly think that I could have gotten this deal done weeks ago! Plain and Simple. We want Les! Les wants us! (whether he says it publicly or not) And as Larry "The Cable Guy" would say......Git Er Done!!

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