Monday, June 2, 2008

Inspiring Story of a Coach

Please read this article... I saw a profile on ESPN this morning of this man and it brought tears to my eyes. They didnt get the storybook state championship ending they wanted and deserved but it is a great story of a man who put his life on the line in his work and his boys gave everything they had for him.

In the state title game the Summerville team lead by 2 with 1.7 seconds left and they were at the foul line and had a chance to put the game away. One of their players had a 1 and 1 and he missed the first shot. The defending team got the rebound and shot a 3/4 shot and it hung in the air for what seemed like hours. And then..... it went in.... The dream was shattered and their hopes of winning a state title that Louis Mulkey (their coach who had promised a state title by 2008) had promised them was gone.

But wait.... The refs had to review the shot to see if it beat the buzzer. While the Summerville players shed tears of sadness and the other team was still celebrating a miracle shot. How could this be? This is supposed to be a storybook ending. A coach who loved his boys so much and gave them so much of himself. A coach who promised a state title 5 years earlier and was killed in a fire the year before their senior season? After all this team had been through, How could it end like that? Well......IT DIDN'T. The refs reviewed the shot and it didnt count. The player did not get the shot off in time and Summerville were the State Champs. The promise their coach made had come true. And he wasn't there to see it but I like to think he was there the whole time and so do the boys at Summerville High. The got their medals and celebrated with the coach's wife Lauren at center court but there was one thing left to do. On the bus ride home they went by the cemetary and gave Coach Louis Mulkey his state championship medal and placed it on his tombstone. What a story!

I have pasted a couple of links of the story written on The first was written before the title game and the second was written afterwards... If you would like to know more about the death Google Louis Mulkey and it will have links to how he died and more....
I just had to share this...

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