Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you Tommy Raffo!

I wanted to take this chance to say "Thank You" to Coach Tommy Raffo for his 14 years of devoted service to MSU baseball. I had the chance to meet Raffo in 2003 while serving as a coach for an all star team comprised of some of the top players in Mississippi high schools. We took those teams to Oklahoma to compete in the Junior Sunbelt Classic against 8 other states and a team from Canada. I went out there for 5 years and had a great experience every time. Coach Raffo was very instrumental in putting those teams together. He gave us a list of the top prospects in the state that he was recruiting for MSU and also traveled to the tourney to scout the players. I also had the chance to talk with Raffo while he was recruiting one of my former players at NH. He was such a great guy and a class act if their ever was one. I spoke to him every year while at the MSU games and while in Oklahoma and have some very good memories with him. He was my hero at State growing up and the reason I wore #22. He could have very easily snubbed his nose at a little ol assisstant high school coach like myself but he never did and I will always respect him for that. Coach Raffo I want to wish you the best and I hope you go to another program and continue to mold young lives and teach baseball to the kids the way you do. Good Luck!

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