Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boo for BAD REFS & BOO to the NCAA

In case you have no idea what a lane violation is in NCAA basketball, or in case you are one of the 3 refs in Nashville this past weekend, then let me explain it to you:

1.) The FT shooter cannot cross the FT line until the ball hits the rim.
2.) Any other offensive or defensive player cannot penetrate the "arc" until the ball hits the rim.
3.) If either of these occur then the shot is whistled dead and ball rewarded to the other team.

This past weekend MSU had their hearts broken twice. First, by UK and their LUCKY and ILLEGAL and DRAMATIC shot. Give UK credit, they battled and fought and got the ball in their hands not once but twice to try and win the game. And that's just what Demarcus Cousins did. After the shot, the game was tied, UK and their players all rushed and ran onto the court celebrating. Understandably, they were excited. However, it should have been a technical foul for excessive celebration. You cannot do it in football after scoring TD and the SEC and the officials made that ABUNDANTLY CLEAR this year in the LSU v. UGA game. If you dont know then Google it. But of course UK, like Duke and many other high profile, money making programs with big names are not held to the same standards as little ol podunk hillbilly cow colleges like MSU. We dont make money for the SEC or NCAA so who cares about us right? Right? Right!

Im ashamed of the SEC and the officials after both UK games with MSU this year. MSU was one of the LEAST fouling teams in all of college basketball YET in games vs UK they were whistled for TWICE as many fouls as their average on the year! In 2 games, they were whistled for 48 fouls to UK 27!! That sounds fair and legit right? Right?

Im ashamed of the NCAA and their PATHETIC selection committee just as Bobby Knight stated the other night! These guys have no clue what they are doing! And that is coming from a college basketball LEGEND! They royally messed up the brackets this year.... They gave the OVERALL #1 seed Kansas the hardest road to the Championship while DUKE got the easiest! Many people felt DUKE may not have deserved #1 seed, I felt they deserved it. But Duke received by far the easiest route to the Final Four! HOW? Just stupid and no sense!

Im proud of Rick Stansbury for voicing his displeasure over being screwed. Im proud of those boys on that team that called a players only meeting, got their stuff together and starting playing the ball we all knew they were capable of playing. They beat UF, who got in over them for some stupid reason when both had similar resumes yet UF is one of those "high profile money makers". They beat Vandy who is a 4 seed. And they BEAT UK but had it stolen from them for the 2nd time this year. Im proud of them for playing their guts out and for Dee Bost who played almost every minute with an agonizing hip pointer.

You boys got screwed but just keep your head up. We fans are proud of you and that you showed the whole world of college basketball that a hillbilly cow college in little ol Starkville MS can be relevant on a national stage. Oh until the NCAA screws you out of it.

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