Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mama Alice and Daddy Bert

This is a video I did of my grandparents. It has almost been a year since we lost my "Mama Alice" and it will be tough, especially for my mother and aunts. They were so close and each loved their "mama" with such a powerful and unconditional love and each had an amazing relationship with her. It has been a long tough year on all of us and especially them not being able to talk on the phone, sit and visit and talk about the many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and yes even great, great grandchildren. Those were her babies and what she loved and enjoyed most. Even in her last couple of years while she was so fragile and hurting, she never passed up a chance to hold, love and kiss on her "babies". I will blog more on her in the coming week. For now, check out the video.

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The Lile's said...

What a great video, Brad! It makes me wish I could have known them both - I know she is missed so much. Will keep your family in our prayers.