Monday, March 22, 2010

Random stuff

Just thought I would take the time on this post to blog about random things so here goes.....

1.) The "ObamaCare" Heatlh Care Reform bill passed through the House last night much to the dismay of the Republicans and myself. I must say I was disgusted watching last night by the actions of both parties. They act more like little immature spoiled children than they act like educated leaders of this country. They both need to grow up and learn to talk and work together for the best of America. Im not in favor of this bill, especially the part that includes federal funding of abortion. However, I must say I have not researched this topic very much to make an educated opinion about it. And I would suggest that to everyone else too. Dont make comments about the bill just because your family or friends say so. Educate yourself and make your own opinion based upon how you feel. Time will tell how this ObamaCare works out.

2.) March Madness - WOW! Holy upsets! Cornell, St. Marys and Washington all make it to sweet 16 as double digit seeds and Northern Iowa pulled off what may be the biggest shocker of all in a start to finish beating of overall #1 seed Kansas. UNI is a 9 seed. Also, 6 seeds Tennessee and Xavier both made it to the sweet 16. This has been quite an interesting and exciting tourney so far and most brackets have been shattered at this point. I have one bracket that has 13 of the sweet 16. Yes, I picked Washington, Cornell and St. Marys all to make it. I missed out on Kansas, Georgetown and Texas A&M. It was a fun first weekend of the NCAA tournament. However, as a Miss State fan, I must say Im still disappointed that MSU didnt make it in the tourney and the selection committee passed them over for Florida, Minnesota, Utah St and a few others who all lost in the first round. But then again MSU did lose in the 2nd round to UNC on a last second buzzer beater just to push the dagger deeper into the heart of all Bulldog fans. Although I wish we would have made it to the "Big Dance", I am really glad this roller coaster, heart breaking, NCAA cheating season is over.

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