Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring Training Arrives.....

2008 baseball is upon us and the DEFENDING (Man it feels good to say that) World Series champs have arrived. It is time for the pitchers and catchers to report and all looks good on the Red Sox front. Of course, Schill is not gonna be doing anything in spring training, which sucks, but he will be ok I believe.

My only wish is that we would be looking at Johan in the Sox uniform but not at the expense of Jacoby! I guess now I will go ahead and give my prediction for this years playoffs and World Champs, so here goes:

National League:

East - Mets

Central - Cubs

West - Dodgers

Wild Card - Braves


American League

East - Red Sox

Central - Indians

West - Mariners

Wild Card - Yankees


World Series = Red Sox vs. Mets and Sox win in 7! *Payback from the 86 series!

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