Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Win for Dawgs at "The Hump"!

Yesterday's game was and up and down game.
We came out on fire and Rhodes was absolutly on
fire. We jumped out to a double digit halftime lead and we were well on our way to blowing the Hogs out. But to the Hog's credit they came out and went on a 16-4 run and took the lead on us. But this year's team has gelled together nicley during the SEC season and they weathered the storm. Jamont Gordon didn't have his best shooting day but he sealed the win with 7-9 free throws and 2 BIG BLOCKS of Beverly and former bulldog Gary "Turnover" Ervin at the end of the game. Jamont was hilarious at the end of the game also. Patrick Beverley and Gordon were talking smack the whold game and Jamont got the last laughs. Beverley shot a horrible free throw on a one & one chance at the line and Gordon gave it to him hard. He went down and sank his first free throw and looked at Beverley and told him "That's how its done!" and gave him a big smile. He then proceeded to block Beverley's 3 point attempt into the 3rd row.

Big win Dawgs! Now let's go beat those crappy Rebels at the Tad Pad!


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The Holliman Family said...

Hi Shelley! I just found your family's blog! Marlee Grace is so precious!
Ashli Holliman